1-on-1 design consultation

The Creative VIP Day

Got #brandshame? Let's fix that.

a therapy session for your brand

Pick my creative brain for a day and let's figure out your branding once and for all.

Figuring out which design style and brand personality is in alignment for your business is about finding the right balance between your business objectives and your own personality traits. 

You need to figure out how much of “you” to infuse into your brand identity to make sure it’s meaningful and authentic while making sure that your visual identity communicates the right message, supports your business goals and helps you attract the “right” people. 

This is the place where most people get stuck and experience “Brand Identity Crisis”

A place where you are constantly second-guessing your design choices and feeling called to rebrand your entire business every other month because you have no idea what your brand personality should be or how to align your visual identity with it.

The creative VIP day comes in two formats:

The Brand Makeover

Perfect for you if you have an existing brand but you are ready for a refresh or total revamp. 

The Brand
From Scratch

Perfect for you if you have zero branding and zero desire to figure it out on your own.

how it works

It's pretty simple...

step one

You will complete a branding questionnaire to tell me more about you, your business, your vision, your industry and your audience.

step two

Once we hop on, I will walk you through a series of rapid-fire questions to help us figure out what your brand personality is.

step three

This is the fun part! We will go into our Creative Sandbox and start playing with some colors, fonts and design elements until we find your perfect match.

step four

I will synthesize all your answers into strategic and stylistic recommendations and help you set a new creative direction for your brand that is aligned with your brand personality while also supporting your business goals and appealing to your ideal clients. In other words: I’m gonna help you nail your branding!


You will walk away with a *BRAND NEW* creative direction for your business as well as the foundations for your new visual identity including my recommended color palette and font pairing for you as well as a custom Brand Style Report. You will also get a copy of your Creative Sandbox containing all the design samples we mocked up on our call.


You will get a list of recommended Digital Brand Kit collections to match your new creative direction and a unique discount code for $400 OFF your purchase if you decided to invest in Digital Brand Kit.

your investment


Pssst… The above is just a recommended structure for our call. If you’re the kind of person who likes to color outside the lines, we can absolutely blow up this framework and use our time together to workshop any specific branding issues you’re having or do a brainstorming session together to figure out what your brand genius is and how to turn it into a swoon-worthy visual identity. 

Let's do this!

Ready for your brand makeover?

Applications for the Creative VIP Day will open up Summer 2023. Sign up for the waitlist below and I'll let you know when it's go time!

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